Club Information

Each NCR&P club member is provided with a key fob, and the club house is available
to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.(except 2nd Sunday of the month from
12:00 Noon till 9:00 PM)

The Northern Chautauqua Rifle and Pistol club is maintained by each and every one of
its members. Scheduled Club events such as: Saturday morning Range Officer Duties and
work parties, are performed by the member volunteers. Club members are expected to help
in the routine maintenance of the club house and grounds such as: Empty Trash, Cleanup range, pickup trash on grounds, etc., and participate in scheduled work parties as much as possible. Club work parties are scheduled a few time a year to take care of bigger jobs.

In an effort to comply with the Village of Fredonia noise ordinance, Only rim-fire cartridges and/or air guns are permitted to be used on the club range between the hours of 10 PM and 8 AM.

The NCR&P club operates on the “honor” system. When using the facility, all members and guests must sign in and out of the club on the register. Club members are permitted o bring one guest to the club. The first guest visit is free of range fees. Subsequent guest visits are subject to a $5 range fee.

The NCR&P Club fiscal year begins October 1st and concludes on September 30th of each year.Current annual membership dues amount to $225 per member per year.

Membership to the Norther Chautauqua Rile and Pistol Club requires the following criteria:
A. Initial completion and approval membership application.
B. Initial or annual payment of club dues and Fees.
C. Completion of the club Safety and range rule orientation session.